We will not Buy or Sell, without Ozark Yacht Brokers
February 4, 2021

We were new to boating in 2007 so had Captain Jay assist in our purchase of a 2000 Sea Ray 460 on Lake Ozark. All his explanations and advice were well received and exactly as presented. The boat performed perfectly for our family needs and in 2015 we had Cap Jay, as our Listing Agent, sell the boat. Every aspect of the sale was executed by Cap Jay and moved easily through the process.

In 2019 we reentered the yachting game with Cap Jay acting as our Buyer’s Agent and traveled to Ontario, Canada to sea trial a Carver 530. With his approval and setting up logistics, the 530 was captained through the Locks on the Great Lakes, torn apart, and shipped to the Lodge of Four Seasons. There, it was reassembled, buffed, and waxed, bottom job applied, new carpet and upholstery throughout and all systems check by Cap Jay’s recommended vendors. Again, another perfect outcome.

“Liquid Assets”, our 530, evolved exactly as Jay predicted and is enjoyed by all that visit. We will not Buy or Sell, without Ozark Yacht Brokers and Cap Jay representing our family.